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Who am I?

Hello, and welcome!  My name is Kristin.

I’m an author, researcher, strength trainer, lover of coffee/reading/music/mindfulness, and a life coach.

What do I do?

I completed a PhD in social psychology, followed by a postdoc in health services research.  I was faculty at the Indiana University School of Medicine. While there, my work interfaced the fields of social psychology and health research. I investigated how people make decisions about health and how to communicate health information. I also studied bioethics and public health policy.

Currently, I work at Facebook as a user experience researcher. It was a huge decision to leave academia and the wonderful folks I’ve worked along the way. However, for me, working at Facebook is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The face of research is changing — researchers can have a positive impact on others’ lives through academic, industry, non-profit, and numerous other routes of inquiry. I’m really excited to be working at Facebook. (Obligatory disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this site are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my employer. You won’t find any confidential company information here, and while you’re welcome to get in touch with me, I’m afraid I can’t put you in contact with my employer.)

Outside of work, I strength train. I LOVE IT! It has been life changing in the best way possible.

I also coach and mentor others on how to improve the quality of their lives — from helping individuals identify aspects of their lives they want to improve to simply helping individuals be more present and mindful.

What is my intention with this blog?

My primary goal with this blog is to share information that I’ve gained or experiences I’ve had that have helped to: 1) improve the quality of my life, 2) get my life together, and 3) teach me how to better manage stress.

In a nutshell, this blog is intended to be about wellness. However, as a disclaimer: I am not a licensed practitioner, and this blog is not intended to be a substitute for help from a licensed professional. I strongly encourage individuals to consult with their health care providers about their own health and wellness.

Do I have it all figured out?  Absolutely not.  However, I’ve gradually undergone a major life overhaul over the past few years, and I’ve learned a lot. This blog is a forum to share some of these efforts and strategies that have been helpful to me.

I am incredibly passionate about helping others identify ways to improve their outlook and/or their lives.  Too many of us shuffle through life — typically passive, occasionally reactive to situations that arise, usually stressed out, always feeling like we aren’t doing enough.  By focusing more on living and being, we move beyond simply surviving and have more active, fulfilling lives.

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