Today I turned 35. It simultaneously seems like I’ve been around longer than that and yet feels like I’m still a kid.

Experiencing Zen Through a Barbell?  Thoughts on Mindfulness, Presence, and Strength Training. We hear a lot about mindfulness and being present. It seems that more and more people are adopting some type of mindfulness practice. We’re downloading apps to helpContinue reading

Act Now

Often, the best time to take action is the present moment.  Stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Philosophers and authors have said these things long before me. These have come to be phrases that run throughContinue reading

Gratitude Journal

Want to improve your outlook with a simple behavior? Give gratitude journaling a try. People have asked me for years about the single most impactful thing they can do right now to improve their outlooks, thus improving their lives. WhenContinue reading